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Now, I would like to say some things about how I garden.

I will say that it is not my intent here to be totally organic. I do not believe totally in that approach. Cyanide, after all, is totally organic but will kill you as dead as a doornail.

I believe what I want to achieve is the most organic approach I can. It is my intent to only use the most organic pesticides or fungicides available should a problem raise its ugly head.

My primary approach would be to use disease and pest resistant plant breeds to begin with, and to attempt to find every organic solution possible before resorting to, gulp, non-organic means. But I have no problem with doing so, should nature be defeating me.

I personally do not consider non-organic fertilizers a problem, but if you do, let me know what you have found that works better. There are some non-organic brands I use, and to me nitrogen is nitrogen, phosphorous is phosphorous and potassium is potassium. But tell me how I am wrong, I would love it and will include your input on our site,

Note also that I am not a flower person. I am not in the pursuit of the flower garden or landscaping. However, I would love to hear from those that are and will make every effort to include any videos you deliver to me or other information to others throughout the gardening world. Maybe I will end up loving flower gardening as well. My father did, but I never picked up that part of his love for the soil.
I am hoping, beyond hope, that you will all help me in this pursuit. That you will share your garden secrets with others. I have learned more about gardening in several years on the internet than I have all my life, but I also think some propagated information on the internet is borderline myth or harmful to a successful vegetable garden.

Sharing our experiences can help everyone that loves to work the soil. And perhaps, it will even let big farms know how to deal with their own problems effectively. Maybe we can help the world. But for now, I would settle for making my hobby more rewarding.