Over the years I have tried my hands at vegetable gardening as a hobby. I find it very enriching. It is somehow satisfying to eat something you have grown yourself and share that effort with others. There is nothing like organic goodies from the garden, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc.

My father, Ernie, God rest his soul, was the best organic gardener I ever knew, but he struggled so. Years ago, the organic solutions for garden problems like blight, disease and pests were few. Consequently, he was in a constant struggle with nature.

My father died when he was 88 years old, and he left me a legacy. He had gardened all his life, and through him, I found peace in my own garden. While I am working the soil or mending a plant or fertilizing my garden, I feel totally at peace. It becomes my focus and removes the stresses of every day life. So it is my goal to reach out to all those that also love to work the soil, if even your own 4×4 foot patch or patio garden, so we can share and improve our experience.


YouTube Garden

It is my intention on this site to use YouTube.com as a repository for our videos that can inform you as to how to help you all garden better. I also will write articles about my life experiences and hope you will contribute yours. Finally, it is also my intention to get your input, because nationwide or worldwide, we may all have found different approaches to planting, prevention, pests and other problems, and I am sure of the billions out there, there are many that know more than I could ever know. My hope is this shall become the garden of collective knowledge.