DIY Fungicide recipe


Disease and insects can damage your garden plants, but there is a fine balance between treating your plants and harvesting safe and organic produce.

Even some organic pesticides or fungicides, such as Neem, are quote toxic. Remember, cyanide is all natural and organic, but it will kill you dead as a stone.

Researching organic pesticides reveals that numerous studies have shown simple baking soda to be quite effective at fighting fungus. One great reference for these studies is presented here…

Use of Baking Soda as a Fungicide

Do it Yourself

Making the insecticide/fungicide soup is quite simple. Take the following ingredients and mix them in a gallon of water, preferably in a garden spray bottle.

1 – 1 ¼ teaspoons of organic soap
2 tablespoons baking soda
2 tablespoons vegetable oil

The soap acts as a surfactant allowing the oil to mix with the water. It is also effective at repelling many types of bugs.

The baking soda is the proven fungicide. Can’t you just use this stuff for just about anything?

The vegetable oil helps the baking soda distribute evenly over the plants and stick to them. It also has the added benefit of being a natural insecticide because insects cannot breathe if it blocks their air passages.

MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU USE ORGANIC SOAP. It must have no harmful ingredients such as chlorine bleach, ammonia or phosphates that can harm your plants

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  • Hi, how often do you apply this concoction?

    • We were a bit paranoid this year because of three years of blight. So we actually treated our seedlings. We used Neem (a stronger concoction) on the roots and stems at planting. The tomatoes don’t seem bothered by either brew one bit even when small. We believe Neem is best used as a preventive measure before your plants are sprouting flowers heavily and bearing fruit. Then it should only be used if you spot trouble (see our article on disease).

      The baking soda concoction can be applied at any time, but if applied too much we have noticed a build up of soapy material at the base of the plant. It is harmless in the garden and washes away with ease with a hose or rain. But in a planter it may become more of a problem, so if doing patio tomatoes, you may want to cut back on or cut out the soap.

      Applying this concoction to tomatoes does not hurt them at all, so applying once or twice a week would be fine, but not necessary. Application about once ever two to four weeks should be adequate on healthy plants to keep them healthy. You may want to reapply after a heavy rainfall which may wash away the mixture.

      Note that most of these diseases start at the bottom of the plant and move up. Regularly removing low-lying leaves and stems from the plant helps with that enormously. Then apply the fungicide from the bottom up, focusing on the stem and lower viable plant leaves.

      We would apply this continually through the season because blight can rear its ugly head at any time. And like athlete’s foot, once it is there, it is much tougher to get rid of than if you avoided getting it in the first place.

  • My Apologies if I failed to read any warnings about this concoction. I live in South Carolina, and maybe it’s too hot to use this fungicide, because I sprayed it CONSERVATIVELY on my vegetable plants and it burnt them up. There’s no chance it was anything else. Yesterday morning, I had a gorgeous garden. Yesterday morning, I applied this concoction to my garden. Today I have burnt leaves (most of them fallen to the ground), and burnt flowers that would have quite possible become edible vegetables. I used two teaspoons of veggie oil, 2 teaspoons of baking soda, and 1 teaspoon of 100% organic soap. I am a big boy and don’t typically blame others for my own follies, but I also don’t build a web site and dole out BAD advice about gardening. My beautiful garden, today, is burnt to a crisp. Maybe you should be a little more careful when publishing HOW TO VIDEOS ALL OVER YOUTUBE.


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